A Pukka Pie?

My wife came back from Morrisons with a Balti Pie for me to try and, as a bonus, it was a ‘Pukka Pie’ one of the iconic pie makers.  The good news is that it was only a quid and the filling was deliciously spicy and undoubtedly the best ‘balti’ pie I’ve ever tasted.  However, I looked at the ingredients of the balti sauce and delicious though it was the ingredients (water, onions, oil, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, ginger, coriander, salt, sugar, herbs and spices) were all ‘stock’ curry ingredients. In fairness, the pie was slightly caramelised like a balti but that’s only because the missus burned the pastry slightly in the oven! Great curry pie but hope to find out from Pukka what makes it a balti pie!

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