A Balti Good Read!

I’ve just finished a second hand copy  (£2-99p courtesy of E Bay!) of Pat Chapman’s ‘Balti Bible’. It was published in the late nineties and represents a comprehensive look at Balti with over 120 recipes.  Pat is undoubtedly curry ‘royalty’ and the book is a good read with some excellent recipes, albeit sometimes a bit overcomplicated as is Pat’s way and including some innovative suggestions on ingredients. The book includes name checks for some great balti houses, such as … the Royal Naim (sadly no longer with us), Adil, Balti Towers, Azims and the Royal Watan.  Amusingly Pat says that he was worried about upsetting people by using the word ‘Bible’. How times have changed although I’m willing to bet there is unlikely to be a ‘Kurry Koran’ anytime soon!

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  1. Phil Baxter 11th July 2020 at 9:21 am #

    Ive just looked on ebay and managed to get a copy too..!

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