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A Pukka Pie?

My wife came back from Morrisons with a Balti Pie for me to try and, as a bonus, it was a ‘Pukka Pie’ one of the iconic pie makers.  The good news is that it was only a quid and the filling was deliciously spicy and undoubtedly the best ‘balti’ pie I’ve ever tasted.  However, I […]

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A Balti Good Read!

I’ve just finished a second hand copy  (£2-99p courtesy of E Bay!) of Pat Chapman’s ‘Balti Bible’. It was published in the late nineties and represents a comprehensive look at Balti with over 120 recipes.  Pat is undoubtedly curry ‘royalty’ and the book is a good read with some excellent recipes, albeit sometimes a bit […]

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Not Currying On?

A recent news article in the Birmingham Mail featured Bangladeshi Shahab Uddin who owns Streetly Balti. He makes the valid point that 30% of curry restaurants will probably have to close partly because their owners lack the ability to secure government support that they are eligible to claim. I agree that cutting through the bureaucracy is […]

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Balti Bounce Back?

I’m missing my Balti fix and, to be honest, the takeaways I’ve had just don’t compare with the real thing. So, with the possibility of restaurants reopening in July or August, I thought that I’d get a view from one of the leading Balti restaurants, Shababs. Shababs Zaf, their owner, told me that they had […]

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Flavours of History … but maybe not Balti

Peter and Colleen Grove have been legendary amongst the curry cognoscenti for many years with their curry guides and their National Curry Week which has raised thousands for charity. Although I think that Peter may sadly be no longer with us, their legacy lives on so I enjoyed reading  their ‘Flavours of History’ book  However, without […]

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Curryona Virus

Normality has gone out of the window for everybody and that includes baltigoers who hanker after the real deal served up sizzling at their table. However, it is still possible to get a curry fix of sorts as many restaurants are keeping open for takeaways. So in pursuit of my chilli fix , I phoned […]

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Naan but the Best!

Top foodie writer, Tom Parker-Bowles wrote about his recent visit to Brum to sample some of its finest, in this Sunday’s Daily Mail. It was heartening to see that  a man of his many tastes could equally enjoy both the ‘humble’ Balti and also top notch dining at the Michelin acclaimed Opheems in the City’s […]

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A Balti Gem

Popular Balti In my continuing search for the authentic Birmingham Balti, I found that there are at least six ‘Indian’ restaurants in Moseley and Kings Heath with Balti on the menu. However, the Poplar (in Poplar Road) is the only one I’ve found to date of those that do a proper one. Great prices, homely and unlicensed […]

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Curry … A Global History?

Just finished reading yet another ‘definitive’ book on curry called ‘Curry … A Global History’. In fairness the book is fairly innocuous covering all types of curry worldwide. However, the American author Coleen Taylor Sen is another curry historian who gets Balti all wrong which is summed up by the picture of shiny serving dishes. Never mind […]

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Goa-ing for a curry

I spent almost a fortnight in South India so how was the curry? To be frank, many were almost cloyingly sweet, if fiery, and that is probably down to an apparent increasing influence of Chinese cuisine. Yet strangely enough, despite being normally a meat eater, the highlight was a fabulous Paneer and Cashew Masala Curry, all […]

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