Bluffer’s Guide to Balti

Everybody likes to be a chef or a foodie expert these days and now you can show that you’re hot stuff in the kitchen with this Bluffer’s Guide to preparing that Balti for someone special…

  • Impress with your knowledge … balti isn’t an Indian dish but a Pakistani one invented in Birmingham.
  • Use the authentic pressed steel bowls and cook with panache over a gas flame.
  • Measure the spices beforehand onto a white plate … they’ll look great and you can impress as you throw them into the balti bowl with casual aplomb!
  • Use  ready made ginger and garlic straight from the jar but put in a small dish to pretend it’s been freshly pureed.
  • Use plenty of coriander as it’s rumoured to be good for staying power between the sheets.
  • Sprinkle chopped leaves over the finished Balti for that restaurant finishing touch!
  • Use plenty of fenugreek (methi) if appropriate, as it’s supposed to boost the ‘fairer’ sex in the ‘Jordan’ stakes.
  • Share a naan and ditch the cutlery – nothing’s more sensual than doing a bit of naan ripping and dipping!
  • Make it a garlic naan so you’re left alone together and don’t use those puny supermarket mini naans!.
  • Chew a piece of cinammon afterwards if you need to lose your garlic breath in a hurry.
  • Have a few glasses of wine beforehand and don’t start cooking until 15 minutes before serving – it’s fast cooking by a top Balti Chef….YOU!!