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In preparation for the opening of the Commonwealth Games, BBC Sports visited the Triangle and were taken to a few shops to get a feel for this unique part of the city. As one would expect they visited the iconic Shababs to both film and taste a proper Brummie Balti. Other stops included Raja Bros […]

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Bronze for Balti

The Daily Mail recently published an article on the top 40 destinations to visit in the UK. Pleasingly balti was third but yet again the photo of a  normal curry serving plate didnt do Birmingham’s iconic dish any justice. Revealed: The 40 UK travel experiences to try before you turn 40, with stargazing in Northumberland No.1 […]

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Balti Blasphemy (Again)

For Fathers’ Day, my daughter thoughtfully bought me an interesting little book called ‘The Philosophy of Curry’ about the history of curry by Sejal Sukhadwala who apparently is a regular contributor to the Guardian Time Out and BBC Food. Furthermore, her book comes with a testimonial from the gushing Nigella Lawson who further gushes ‘a […]

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No ‘Depth’ to Holly wood

There’s been a lot of publicity over Johnny Depp and his crew splashing out a supposed £50,000 on a ‘do’ at Broad Street’s Varanasi. Not sure who his adviser was but he could have had a real taste of Brum by buying 5,000 proper baltis with a naan bread as an accompaniment or perhaps more […]

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Britain’s Top Takeaways

In this TV series, the vacuous Sarah Cox presents a competition which recently featured ‘Indian’ takeaways from different parts of the country … Edinburgh, Bradford (billed as the curry capital!), London and Newcastle. Notice the usual big city name missing and to rub it in the groups of diners judging were Manchester based. The one consolation is that […]

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Balti Buffs!

Misty Ricardo and Andy Lees This week saw a gathering of curry royalty at Shababs, in the form of Richard Sayce aka curry author Misty Ricardo and Andy Lees who set up the highly successful Facebook page ‘The Balti Club ‘with a multitude of loyal followers. They were given access to the kitchen and under […]

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A Brummie Balti Birthright?

The quest to preserve the authentic Balti and to educate the public, particularly those born in the noughties onwards, goes on. Balti Bowl In adding a chapter to a proposed new reprint of my book ‘Going for a Balti’, I commissioned a survey amongst Brummies about their awareness of the authentic dish. Alarmingly, less than […]

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A Balti Banner?

Well known Brum artist Andy Slater recently did a brilliant take on designing flags for different districts of the city. Great idea and good to see the one for Sparkbrook featuring a balti bowl in a triangle. If I had a grouse I would make the colours more Pakistani than Brazilian but it would be […]

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Balti Bizarre?

I made a trip to Stirchley’s Balti Bazaar and it was a more than decent meal with one dish presented like  it had been cooked by the winner of Master Chef! Friendly service brought some excellent dips and crispy paid for poppadoms. Starters were a tender chicken tikka and a meat samosa … the latter […]

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