The Nanny of all Balti’s

For some years I’ve banged on about making Balti ingredients more diverse and thanks to top Balti chef Zaf, owner of Shababs, I’ve.started the experimental process A few weeks ago we used duck from fresh but I must have been quackers because it was not only a bit tough but its consistency meant that the duck never took up the taste of Zaf’s wonderful sauce.

However, moving on, I bought some diced goat from Moseley Farmers Market. Zaf part cooked it as he would mutton and the end result was a fabulously rich dish with the strong but tasty flavours of goat being complemented by Shababs balti sauce mix. Mind you , given the prices of the farmers market (8 pound for a small pack of diced goat meat) it would be a premium priced dish but, to my mind, it would be a price worth paying!

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