Nisha’s ‘curry tour of Great Britain’

Nisha Katona, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ITV’s ‘This Morning’ featured another episode of Nisha’s ‘curry tour of Great Britain’. Now Nisha Katona is undoubtedly a talented chef but in my brief contribution I made the point that balti was a method of cooking and that a true balti had to be served up in the flat bottomed pressed steel pan (the balti), in which it was cooked…. with all the well researched health and taste benefits which that style of cooking brings. . This point was reinforced by the team at the excellent Royal Watan where she saw one being cooked.   So, it was very disappointing to see Nisha prepare a studio version in a normal pan and serve up in a shiny bowl…sacrilege to the Brummie Balti afficianado who knows his onions!’ So Nisha joins James Martin and a host of other celebrity chefs (Dan Toombs excepted) who don’t seem to know their Balti from a Biryani!

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