Nice But Not Really Pukka

Having enjoyed a Pukka ‘balti pie’ I asked Pukka Pies why they called it a balti pie instead of a curry pie and after a few reminders, this is their response..

’Balti is traditionally a fast cooked “stir-fry” style curry cooked with vegetable oil not ghee and is cooked in a large steel or cast iron pot. Most curry houses serve a thick tomato based sauce spiced with cumin, coriander, black pepper and chilli’s with a medium spicy heat. [correct but merely lifted from my book ‘Going For A Balti’ !].

Our Balti sauce is made in this style, using large steel pot to cook in. The recipe uses vegetable oil, and a tomato base with all the classic herbs and spices you’d expect from a Balti sauce. We think our golden pukka pastry is a great base for the tasty curry house classic.’

This might be a storm in a balti bowl  but their reply says it all and illustrates the point that most producers haven’t a clue about a proper balti which can only be served up fresh in the bowl it is cooked in!

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