Curryona Virus

Normality has gone out of the window for everybody and that includes baltigoers who hanker after the real deal served up sizzling at their table. However, it is still possible to get a curry fix of sorts as many restaurants are keeping open for takeaways.

So in pursuit of my chilli fix , I phoned my local curryhouse. It took me 15 minutes to get through but in fairness it was a Friday night. My options were to collect (1 hour wait) or to have delivered (2 hour wait). I opted for the former and ordered accordingly.

On turning up, there was a dining table outside on the pavement and the waiter came out masked up with rubber gloves and placed the curries and card machine in a neutral place. We then both did a dance around the table to complete the transaction. In fairness, although it was a bit like a scene from the film Ebola, I was very impressed with their precautions. Probably, a bit more impressed than I was of our curries (Rogan Josh and Dhansak) which were decent enough but certainly didn’t make the earth move in a culinary sense.

Still, as my wife is sick of me saying, ‘You can’t beat a balti!’

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