Bish Bash Balti Knockout!

After a shameful 30 year absence, I finally made a trip to the Khyber Pass in Alum Rock. The very geographical description might conjure up a bleak setting but the welcome at the restaurant allayed any of those fears. The warm wooden decor was how I remember this cosy restaurant and it’s just been given some polishing to know ill effect.

So to the food …. Poppadoms were warm and crispy and accompanied by three dips including mango, tamarind and mint and all were creamy without the watering down that has become common in some restaurants. The starters were an excellently spiced Chicken Tikka which was chunks of chicken breast, red but not in an artificial fluorescent sense. We also had a duo of Meat Samosas which were superb old skool style and not the pretentious cocktail variety that seems to proliferate these days.

The main event was a coconutty and creamy Balti Chicken Korma whilst I pushed the boat out  with a Balti Tropical with Mushroom. Brimful and served up in the traditional sizzling black balti pan, it was excellently spiced without being in the flame thrower category. The lamb was the highlight as the chunks just dissolved on the palate. All mopped up with a fresh and doughy naan.

Definitely worth the trip across Brum Incidentally it’s a BYO and after six there is decent parking on and off the street.

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