Balti Lockdown

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for restaurants of all shapes, sizes and cooking styles so where does that leave balti? Well, as small independents, they will need a firm steer and guidelines on COVID safe measures when they reopen and not the typical half soaked Bojo advisory approach, otherwise this won’t give a tentative customer any confidence in sitting down for a meal.

However, on the plus side, their major advantage in securing culinary survival was brought home to me when I had a proper balti served up sizzling to me in a restaurant … brimful of fresh ginger, garlic and spices. I hasten to add that this was a working visit due to my being interviewed by a newsreel crew about balti. It was my first proper balti for many weeks and no takeaway could compare … indeed it was a bit like comparing watching a live football match with all its attendant theatre and excitement with watching some recorded highlights on the TV in my lounge. Hopefully this is what makes genuine balti houses a more than decent safe bet to survive amongst the myriad of closures likely in the not too distant future. ‘

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