Balti Bizarre?

I made a trip to Stirchley’s Balti Bazaar and it was a more than decent meal with one dish presented like  it had been cooked by the winner of Master Chef! Friendly service brought some excellent dips and crispy paid for poppadoms. Starters were a tender chicken tikka and a meat samosa … the latter full of spicy mince although the pastry casing wasn’t Great British Bake Off material. My Bazaar Special Balti was an excellent mixture of chicken, mushrooms, egg and aubergine … with the latter richly disintegrating into a tasty sauce far better than being served sliced and al dente, as often mistakenly happens with the purple prince of vegetables. However, the highlight was a Balti Chicken Korma which undoubtedly had the touch of balti nouveau cuisine … perhaps the start of a new trend!

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  1. Kim DSILVA 23rd February 2022 at 11:16 am #

    Hi Andy,
    Finally, we’re returning to England and I’m keen to take my partner (and a Coventrian) to what remains of the Balti Triangle. I used to travel with my college friends (1980s) to eat at the Royal Al Faisal and Adils and one other whose name escapes me!
    I’ve tried ro find your contact details but alas nothing , so hoping you’ll see this . I understand you do a walking tour of the Balti Triangle and keen to know more😊🙏🏽😊

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