Ale … but is it real?

Push Pineapple Ale
Push Pineapple Ale

I like to try different beers with my balti so with a Balti Chicken Dhansak lined up, I decided to experiment with a can of ale from Aldi’s brewer ,’the Hop Foundry’. Called the ‘Push Pineapple’ it seemed appropriate to drink with a dish that so often is topped with a pineapple by restaurants looking for an ‘authentic’ touch.

Billed as being an Indian Pale Ale with a pineapple milkshake flavour, I was probably committing a hideous crime in real ale terms but in fairness, it was a decent tipple and retained its hoppiness. The only declared ingredients were barley, oats and milk … thankfully no trace of the latter in my glass. It certainly didn’t detract from my balti but is not something that I’m in a massive hurry to repeat!

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