The (Not So Great) Pretenders

I met a couple of friends in the Balti Triangle (one of whom uses to own a proper Baltihouse called Al Frash) and we visited one of the many new eateries to chew the fat.

In fairness, I won’t reveal its name but we ordered a large Mixed Grill Tawa and a ‘Balti’ Chicken. The good news is that the Tawa was a decent affair but that was more than could be said for the ‘Balti’. Lumps of chicken thighs (some a bit gristly) served up in a one dimensional sauce in a shiny karahi bowl with not a trace of caramelisation at the edges.

In authenticity terms this amounts to a treasonable offence but, am I surprised ‘no’ and was I disappointed ‘yes’!

Unfortunately the lonely girl waiting on front of house was young enough to be my granddaughter so I resisted the temptation to reeducate her in a culinary sense.

Not the best advert for the Balti Triangle!

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