The Dirty Dozen

Sensational Kale Chaat at Tamatanga The Birmingham Mail recently published a list  of ‘top’ Brum curry restaurants based on ‘readers recommendations’. Not sure how this was publicised but I couldn’t see one genuine Balti House, nor any ‘desi’ pubs and not even arguably the City’s top Indian restaurant, the Jewellery Quarter’s Opheems. That’s not to […]

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Ale … but is it real?

Push Pineapple Ale I like to try different beers with my balti so with a Balti Chicken Dhansak lined up, I decided to experiment with a can of ale from Aldi’s brewer ,’the Hop Foundry’. Called the ‘Push Pineapple’ it seemed appropriate to drink with a dish that so often is topped with a pineapple […]

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A Balti Gem

Azims is located on the Lozells Road and it is where I had my first balti well over 30 years ago. BYO alcohol is frowned upon but if ever there was a case for forsaking a beer for the night then this is it. The food is absolutely top notch and the quality is on […]

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Balti Buffoonery!

I’m not a fan of daytime TV which seems generally superficial in its approach to topics but I was tipped off by my daughter that a ‘Balti’ was going to be cooked on ‘This Morning‘.  It didn’t put me in the best of moods when Alison Hammond, the sometimes over cheery Brummie said that she […]

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Baltis and Burgers

Yet another loss to the Balti Triangle as veteran baltihouse Imrans succumb to the lure of the burger and fast food. Now retitled ‘Phat Buns/Burgers‘ I  always thought that was another name for a build up of fat in the drains. In fairness, their burgers are apparently more than decent as burgers go but … I […]

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More than a nod to the Birmingham Balti

Recently the Sun commissioned TV Chef Nick Nairn to pick his top twelve ‘Indian’ restaurants in the UK. Rubbing shoulders with heavyweights such as the much lauded Dishoom was Stirchley’s very own Royal Watan. Highlighted for its family and home cooked recipes, the picture illustrating the restaurant’s offering showcased its signature Balti. Perhaps disappointingly it […]

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Nice But Not Really Pukka

Having enjoyed a Pukka ‘balti pie’ I asked Pukka Pies why they called it a balti pie instead of a curry pie and after a few reminders, this is their response.. ’Balti is traditionally a fast cooked “stir-fry” style curry cooked with vegetable oil not ghee and is cooked in a large steel or cast […]

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A Balti Balladeer

I was sent a link from one of my favourite baltihouses, Shabab, who were featured in a video starring talented Brummie balladeer Ahmad Rubani. I can’t speak Punjabi and whilst I couldn’t understand exactly what was sung,  it’s undoubtedly a real soulful piece and the gist includes (I think) the story of a guy who loses his […]

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A Pukka Pie?

My wife came back from Morrisons with a Balti Pie for me to try and, as a bonus, it was a ‘Pukka Pie’ one of the iconic pie makers.  The good news is that it was only a quid and the filling was deliciously spicy and undoubtedly the best ‘balti’ pie I’ve ever tasted.  However, I […]

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A Balti Good Read!

I’ve just finished a second hand copy  (£2-99p courtesy of E Bay!) of Pat Chapman’s ‘Balti Bible’. It was published in the late nineties and represents a comprehensive look at Balti with over 120 recipes.  Pat is undoubtedly curry ‘royalty’ and the book is a good read with some excellent recipes, albeit sometimes a bit […]

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