Jamie Oliver magazine and curry culture

It was pleasing to see the role of the Birmingham Balti recognised in the magazine’s main theme this month of ‘Curry Culture‘. It also lists under ‘Best Bites’, their take on the best 30 ‘curry’ restaurants. Eleven are predictably from London with the next in line being Leicester and Brum. Of our three, it’s good to see Shabab in the frame and ex Balti Triangle veggie specialists Jyoti.

Making up the trio predictably is Lasan. it’s just a shame that their chef Aktar still had to ‘slag off’ balti. He needs to concentrate on his own pretentious food. When I debated curry with him on the radio, he didn’t even know what a balti was and, even worse, for this ‘fount’ of ‘Indian’ culinary knowledge, didn’t even know what a popular Indian fruit was when I asked him!!

I rest my case.

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