Fawlty Towers or Balti Towers?

With the apparent return of Basil Fawlty, I thought a reprise of a review of the black country’s BaltiTowers from my twenty year plus Essential Street Balti Guide might be appropriate …

‘On my visit, Basil must have been on holiday as the restaurant had a calm laid-back atmosphere. No free dips but one was served on a plate with my Chicken Shashlik. My partner’s excellent Mushroom Bhaji had been freshly cooked not microwaved.

Baltis were served up in shiny bowls but we were told that they had been cooked in them and my Balti Chicken was full of large breast pieces in a dryish but tasty sauce. The Lamb Balti was equally tender and fresh naans mopped everything up. Perhaps the only disappointment was a lack of Basil Fawlty memorabilia which might have given a touch of authenticity whilst stopping short of the manager hitting the waiters over the head with the balti bowls!

One wonders if things are still the same …

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