Eating All The Pies!

A Balti Pie at St Andrews courtesy of the BCFC Pie Eaters Union

Apparently, we’ve just had National Pie Day and the Beeb asked the question to its footie followers about their favourite match day pie. Whilst no doubt a vegan pie from Forest Green FC might be up there in these culinary correct times, the ubiquitous Balti Pie got an immediate mention. Now we all know it’s just a Curry Pie and it’s about as near to a Balti as Chicken Chow Mein but don’t let that get in the way of recognising one of the best half time treats around. It’s a bit like crossing curry on the hoof with a ‘pukka’ pie and it was undoubtedly a fusion dish before the likes of Jamie Oliver and Co even thought of the fusion concept. By the way, you used to be able to get Balti pies from the supermarket freezer but they seem to have completely disappeared from their cabinets … it’s a mystery I’ve failed to crack!!

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