Balti Blasphemy (Again)

For Fathers’ Day, my daughter thoughtfully bought me an interesting little book called ‘The Philosophy of Curry’ about the history of curry by Sejal Sukhadwala who apparently is a regular contributor to the Guardian Time Out and BBC Food. Furthermore, her book comes with a testimonial from the gushing Nigella Lawson who further gushes ‘a Magisterial Must Read’.  In fairness, it’s an interesting look at the history of curry until it comes to the matter of the derivation of balti. To quote … ‘based on the food in Baltistan’ (WRONG!) and not a word about it’s proper derivation and also clarifying the balti pan’s customized Birmingham shape, the materials used ie. thin pressed steel not cast iron etc and the critical fact that the balti is both fast cooked and served in the same balti pan. So Birmingham and balti gets yet another raw and uninformed deal from a foodie writer. Why am I not surprised?

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