What a curry on!

Jabba Khan from Lasan and Aktar Islam from Opheems
Jabba Khan from Lasan and Aktar Islam from Opheems

According to the Mail, two of the Jewellery Quarter’s curry giants are facing off … in the one corner Jabba Khan from Lasan and in the other Aktar Islam from Opheems. The latter accusing the former of plagiarism. Now, there’s no denying that Lasan won the Gordon Ramsey ‘Best Local Restaurant’ award but, of course the reason for that was Aktar who was chef at the time and has since left the kitchen. So to live off that award seems misleading to say the least. However, it all seems to be a bit of a storm in a pickle tray bearing in mind Aktar’s restaurant has earned its own accolades and doesn’t need to rely on an award which is now almost in the ancient history category.

In the meantime both of them need to tone down their authenticity claim because excellent though their food may be, it’s food that’s been tweaked for today’s palate and is unlikely to exactly replicate exactly what was served up at a Maharajah’s dinner table. Both serve excellent food but I wish they would stop banging on about who’s authentic because that’s  a culinary red herring … or should that be a red snapper?

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