A BALTI TOO FAR??? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andy   
Monday, 17 December 2012 00:00

A recent article on obesity unfairly targetted the Balti Triangle and attracted the following response in the Birmingham Evening Mail .... 

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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 22:55:47 +0000

Dear Editor,

It was interesting to read about the outcry blaming obesity problems in schoolchildren on the proximity of fast food takeaways. However in my view there is an element of statistical manipulation when one of the schools happens to be in the Balti Triangle. Some responsibility must lie at the door of parents allowing their children to indulge as the question needs to be asked where do they get their pocket money from!
However I also think that the Planners  need to change tack. They seem to think that because the Balti Triangle is famous for its food then new planning permissions for more hot food outlets should be encouraged or, at least, allowed. Unfortunately their strategy completely misses the point.  The Balti Triangle is famous for its restaurants, whether balti or other cuisine, and certainly doesn't want the area to be seen as the culinary capital of southern fried chicken and kebabs. Ask the vast majority of restaurant and shop owners in the area and they will say that the situation has reached absolute saturation point. Time for a rethink?