Written by Andy   
Monday, 26 May 2014 13:25

I was at Shabab recently for a visit of the 'Discovery Channel' programme makers who were filming a programme about curries and wanted to cover Birmingham's famous Balti. The presenter was well known Iranian comedian Omid Djalili. I'm pleased to say that he massively (and genuinely) enjoyed his Balti Chicken and Mushroom Vindaloo. We also prepared the same dish one in genuine balti style, cooked and served up in the 'balti' using vegetable oil compared to one cooked in a frying pan in ghee and then transferred to a dish. There was a noticeable difference in taste with Omid much preferring the former genuine article.

Incidentally as part of the programme, Omid had been to a Grantham curryhouse the day before to sample (allegedly) the world's hottest curry prepared using a new hot hybrid variety of peppers. He managed one spoonful and with a paramedic on hand, his heart rate immediately doubled. Incidentally, he described the next day as 'painful'.

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