Royal Watan

Definitely worth a visit is the Royal Watan in Selly Park which was once the haunt of the BBC Pebble Mill glitterati. 

It’s very smart inside without being over fussy and had a healthy number of diners even though it was only early Sunday evening. Without further ado I ordered the Lassawalla Gosht. It is apparently ‘Grandma’s old recipe’ and is one of a selection of family heritage dishes. Served up sizzling it had been cooked balti style although on the bone. Now to a chap of my age, baltis ‘on the bone’ are a bit like a dental version of Russian Roulette but the meat was fortunately a selection of substantial lamb chops languishing in a superbly rich and spicy sauce.

Served up sizzling it was accompanied by a fresh and doughy garlic naan … a combo to be recommended so fair play to Grandma and fair play to the Royal Watan that proves there’s still a few restaurants outside the Balti Triangle that do authentic baltis.


TEL: 471-1713; BYO


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