Pushing out the Balti Boundaries

Balti Bazaar in Stirchley

With the sad closure of Al Frash in the Balti Triangle, I decided to seek out a  ‘proper’ balti further afield. Last time I’d been to the Balti Bazaar in Stirchley was over 20 years ago so here’s my thoughts after the visit. Staff were friendly and attentive  and although the poppadoms and dips were excellent (often a good test of what is to come), I probably didn’t need to order given the amounts left on the floor and not cleared up after a previous diner!

My starter of pepper stuffed with mince was excellent but my wife’s tikka was disappointingly under spiced. This set a bit of a trend as the main courses served up in the traditional bowls were plentiful with good portions of quality meat but again the spices were underwhelming. It’s a shame because my balti bazaari special was a great mix of chicken, egg, aubergine and mushrooms but whilst described on the menu as ‘very spicy’ was fairly innocuous in that department. The accompanying garlic and cheese naan was actual cooked english cheese not paneer so it was more like a pizza … in fairness my fault perhaps for choosing it rather than the restaurant’s.

Overall a reasonable meal but it could have been so much better … and guys … keep that carpet clean!

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