Pie Eyed

It’s just been announced that Fray Bentos have added a new pie to their expanding range. In this case it’s a vegetarian ‘balti’ pie to follow in the footsteps of their current version of a chicken ‘balti’ pie.  Now, when I was a lad the name Fray Bentos stood for tinned corned beef but more recently they’ve become well known for their range of tinned pies in their distinctive round flat tins. These are a bit of a guilty pleasure for many but why dress their latest product up as a ‘balti’ pie when it’s just a curry flavoured version. Interestingly, if it’s anything like the chicken balti version, the word balti is merely a headline in the name and the ingredients just modestly include the term ‘spices’. It would be interesting to know what the Fray Bentos marketing gurus were thinking when they made up the name … we’ll probably never know but one thing is for certain, I bet they’ve never had a proper balti!

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