Keep Calm and Curry On?

Recently aired was a programme called ‘the Curry Kid’ which featured a Bangladeshi dancer whose Dad owned a curry house in Brick Lane and who failed in his bid to hand it over to his son who had other plans. Poignant at times, it raised several issues that have and will affect the curry trade.  The horrific treatment of curry house staff by diners, particularly groups of lads. Interestingly, this was nailed as having happened in the eighties when probably that sort of behaviour had almost died out in Brum … maybe the London crowd are a bit more backward … or arrogant?     

The lack of interest of young Asian males to continue the curry ‘inheritance’… emphasised by an interview with a rapping ‘soon to be’ accountant! Therefore the  closure of many ‘traditional’ curry houses in areas like Brick Lane … ditto the Balti Triangle, of course.  Yet one new establishment set up by a Bangla woman gave hope despite the fact that her attempt to help advise a male restauranteur was met with something verging on contempt. She described them as an ‘old boys’ club and it seems unless, the old guard are willing to move with the times, more traditional places will close in the curry heartlands of Britain. However, the hope is that the new range of ‘street food’ outlets will take up the curry cudgel.

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