Going for a Balti: The Story of Birmingham’s Signature Dish

The Story of Birmingham’s Signature Dish is a new book by Andy Munro

The Birmingham Balti has received world wide recognition and acclaim from the New York Times to the travellers’ bible, The Rough Guide, but more than anything else, it holds a place in the hearts and minds (and stomachs) of avid baltigoers everywhere. Going For A Balti traces back the story of this unique dish from its birth, through its boom years to the present day.

This is the inside track on Birmingham’s signature dish, as never told before, through the eyes of ‘Baltiholic’ and Champion of all things uniquely Birmingham, Andy Munro.

AUTHOR NOTE Andy Munro was born and bred in the Balti Triangle and, as a passionate Brummie, has championed the Birmingham Balti to the extent of working with the restaurants to apply for a European Food Trademark of Authenticity. Recently semi-retired after ten years leading the regeneration of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, he continues to be involved in championing his home city.

Details of how to get a signed copy from this site:

‘Just out, the Definite History of Birmingham’s iconic dish!

Going for a Balti

A great present for Balti Lovers everywhere! (Published by Brewin Books)

Order your signed copy of this definitive history of the Birmingham Balti by sending a cheque for £7- 50p (inc postage and packing) made out to Andy Munro and send to 11 Orchard Way, Hollywood, Birmingham, B47 5NH.’

Or you can get your copy online by clicking this link or on Amazon.

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