Goa-ing for a curry

I spent almost a fortnight in South India so how was the curry? To be frank, many were almost cloyingly sweet, if fiery, and that is probably down to an apparent increasing influence of Chinese cuisine. Yet strangely enough, despite being normally a meat eater, the highlight was a fabulous Paneer and Cashew Masala Curry, all mopped up with a fresh Mint Paratha.

Absolutely top notch although there was ”Balti” on a few menus although the quotation marks say it all! Incidentally, the best drink by far was a ‘Chikaboo’ … a smoothie made from the Chikoo fruit, Dates and Coconut from Little World, an organic café in Palomin. All in all, an interesting culinary experience with Pork Vindaloo and Shark Curry just a sample of other dishes on offer.

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