29 Woodbridge Rd B13 8EH Birmingham Phone: 0121 449 5556 Authentic Balti: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
License: Licensed
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by Administrator
on November 19, 2009
KABABISH, 29 Woodbridge Road, Moseley, B13,8EH (0121-449-5556)

Kababish is family run and a long established favourite in the Balti Triangle even if it is a sort of Balti ‘Lasan’ at the very least because of its contemporary and up market décor.

Service throughout was fast efficient but friendly.Poppadums were light and crispy served with a trio of dips including a creamy mint dip and a dusky coloured one with a hidden but not unpleasant kick.My shared starter of Buckrawta Parcels included goats’ cheese,spinach,minced lamb and herbs parcelled up in filo pastry – not normally my cup of tea as it smacks of British party buffet samosas.However they were absolutely delicious and the filling combination worked superbly.

Main course in my case was a Lamb Pinnee which was described as succulent cuts of lamb fillet cooked in aromatic spices with fresh coriander,mint,chillies,herbs and massoor lentils.The lamb was generally as described and the rich sauce in which it languished was quite superb.The accompanying naan was just the right consistency if a trifle on the dry side for a Peshwari which I would have expected to be dripping in honey. My wife had the Pakistani equivalent of a she-man grill in the shape of a Tandoori Sizzler and this was pronounced as enjoyable without scaling Everest sized heights.It came with an unnecessary mini naan bread as well as rice.

The bill came with organic mints and hot flannels and whilst more expensive than a standard balti,it was by no means extortionate.

Note: Kababish is licensed and does accept plastic.

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