280 Highgate Rd B12 8ED Birmingham Phone: 0121-766-6154 Authentic Balti: No
Credit Cards Accepted: No
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very nice
by amjed
on November 21, 2011
shinwari wonderful rest great very nice food freshley cooked delicious
by Andy Munro
on August 13, 2010
The Shinwari used to be a fairly robust watering hole and Al Murray would be horrified at its current alcoholic free status. In fairness there are no ‘no alcohol’ signs but I doubt whether the appearance of a four pack of lager would be well received.

The restaurant is recently under new management following a somewhat chequered past and sevice was friendly if a trifle laid back. I was with a small party and, on advice, we settled on Chapali Kebabs which were superbly moist, fresh and flavoursome. Chapalis are like gigantic flat patties.beef burger like but that’s where the likeness ends. It would be like comparing something from Harrods with something from Ronald McDonalds gaff.

For main courses we had Lamb Karahi and Balti Deghi (boneless) Chicken which was apparently Afghani in origin. The Lamb was quite hot and parts were unfortunately on the bone. I say unfortunately only because, whilst I like lamb on the bone when it is a shoulder or a shank, a dish with small boned pieces is, to me, like playing dental roulette. The ‘balti’ was bizarrely served on a plate and although not a balti in the true sense of the word, it was commendably tasty and distinctively spiced. The accompanying naan was disappointingly dry although it was served up hanging vertically on an impressive piece of kit which looked like a cross between a harpoon and a Pathan spear. Throughout the meal, plates of salad kept appearing.

Non descript green tea followed as an alternative to scraping skin off a milky desi/chai tea. On reflection, I wish I had tried an Afghan Lassi (Dokh) which apparently includes thinly sliced cucumber and lime juice. During the meal a couple of members of the Pakistani cricket team dropped by although they completely ignored my whispered shout of ‘Owzat!!’ Mind you I suppose that they were used to it.
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