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Eating All The Pies!

A Balti Pie at St Andrews courtesy of the BCFC Pie Eaters Union Apparently, we’ve just had National Pie Day and the Beeb asked the question to its footie followers about their favourite match day pie. Whilst no doubt a vegan pie from Forest Green FC might be up there in these culinary correct times, […]

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Best Balti Bar None?

Over Xmas, I’ve been catching up on books from foodie celebs waxing lyrical about certain dishes which set me thinking about the perfect Balti. So using the sum total of some of my favourite restaurants (they all have their strengths and weaknesses) I’ve set out my perfect balti meal …. Poppadoms are the intro, free of […]

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Still a Balti Triangle

There’s been a bit of adverse publicity recently about the changes to the Triangle since the halcyon days of the dish in the eighties and nineties. However, not only will it always be the home and place where the iconic dish was created, it still has some of the best genuine baltihouses around, as a […]

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Hot Chocolate?

On a recent visit to France, I picked up a ‘Bengali Curry’ chocolate bar..a concoction which included white chocolate, chilli, pineapple and spices. There was an audible ‘Ugh!’ when my wife wouldn’t touch it but surprisingly it was quite tasty. However, it’s a bit of a weird concept but who knows there might be a […]

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The Sunday Times recently featured their food critics’ best 100 places to eat. One of those critics was Giles Conran who in the past has made some very disparaging remarks about Birmingham which would make Jeremy Clarkson seem like the City’s no 1 fan. Predictably no Birmingham restaurants featured although one of his recommendations was […]

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Sloppy Joe

Joe Wicks seems to be a current housewife’s heart throb so it was really no surprise when he appeared on Eamon Holmes ‘This Morning’. As keeping fit and healthy eating are his thing, it was no surprise that he was seen to cook a healthy curry with a fine set of tasty ingredients. What a […]

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Curry or Slurry?

Master Chef star presenter Greg Wallace’s  ‘Inside the Factory’ TV series recently featured curry. He went behind the scenes of a factory who produce jars of curry sauce for leading brands. The end result appeared to be a vatful of highly coloured glutinous curry sauce which looked like it could glow in the dark. Of […]

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BBC Balti Baloney

Many years ago the BBC (and particularly Radio 4) could be relied upon to do their research thoroughly and provide accurate and objective reporting. Unfortunately last week’s Radio 4 Food Programme report is anything to go by, those days are long gone. Under the heading ‘Birmingham’s  Beloved Balti’ their reporter Yasmin Khan proceeded to angle her report […]

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Bygone Baltis

In the heart of the Balti Triangle was a popular restaurant called Sher Khan and, as the photo shows, it is now in the act of disappearing having remained derelict for a number of years. One of the slightly ‘posher’ baltihouses, it used to be opposite another longstanding favourite, the ‘Grand Tandoori’. It was famous […]

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I recently paid a return visit to one of the Balti Triangle’s top exponents of a ‘proper’ balti, the Shahi Nan on Stratford Road. Always offering excellent food and friendly service, if I had one grumble, it would be that following a refurbishment  a few years ago, dining in the restaurant was like having a […]

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