Best of the Birmingham Balti

Here’s a few top baltis in which to indulge in a bit of naan dipping …

  • Balti Chicken and Spinach at Shababs, Ladypool Road, the Hairy Bikers‘ favourite balti and also the top choice of regular customers
  • Balti Lamb and Aubergine in organic coconut oil at Al Frash, Ladypool Road, a restaurant featured in the Guardian and other quality newspapers
  • Balti Garlic Chilli Chicken at Adil , Stoney Lane where the Balti phenomenon first appeared in the seventies
  • Balti Chicken Korma at Shahi Nan Kebab House, Stratford Road … not the mildest but the chef used to be in the Pakistani Navy and knows his onions
  • Balti Lassawalla Gosht at Royal Watan, Pershore Road … unusually an on the bone balti but none the worse for that. Once the fave haunt for the BBC Pebble Mill glitterati
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