Balti by ther bucket load!

Balti bucket?

In holiday in Funchal, Madeira, I had to have a curry fix after days of alternating steak with the local speciality of scabbard fish. Luckily, I chanced on a family run place where the young guy had recently taken over the restaurant. Its name ‘Himalaya’ betrayed its Nepalese roots although apart from the ubiquitous momos, the rest of the menu was typically anglo indian. Right from the crispy poppadoms and fabulous array of dips, through to the momo shaped chicken samosas, it was a great opener.

The following main courses didn’t disappoint with a chicken pasanda a real winner. However, I couldn’t resist having a ‘balti’ and what a flavoursome curry it was … but a balti it wasn’t (although I subsequently had a chat to the owner and chef about the real deal).

Mind you, fair play to him as the word ‘balti’ is urdhu for bucket and that’s exactly what it was served up in! This was a first for me in terms of presentation … albeit in a small and silver bucket! Incidentally, to finish, their home made pistachio ice cream was the best I’ve ever had. Balti or no balti … would I return? Undoubtedly … great food and really friendly service.

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