Balti beginnings … A brand new “theory”?

Punjabi Dahaba Grill

Punjabi Dahaba Grill

A new restaurant has opened in Kings Heath called the ‘Punjabi Dahaba Grill’ and as I quite like Kings Heath and of course with my personal penchant for ‘Indian’ food, I decided to take away one of their menu leaflets for future reference. There’s vegan soya alternatives … quite apt given the building used to house the Manic Organic Café and some excellent chef’s recommendations such as Halam (lamb cooked with mixed lentils and green chillies) and ‘Hariyali Masala Salmon’ (fillets of salmon flash fried in a green masala sauce, made with fresh coconut, coriander, garlic, mint and chopped tomatoes).

However, undoubtedly their major revelation is their description of Birmingham’s favourite dish ….

‘Classic Original Balti … Unchanged for hundreds of years. Tender chicken, lamb or prawn cooked with ginger, onions, tomatoes and capsicum. A spicy dish served in a balti dish.’

I think I’ll stick with the theory that it’s a Brummie dish invented in our fair city about 40 years ago!

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