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Balti Curry Cookbook by Pat Chapman


Going for a Balti: The Story of Birmingham’s Signature Dish

Published by Brewin Books; ISBN Number 9781858585314

Order your signed copy of this definitive history of the Birmingham Balti by sending a cheque for £7- 50p (inc postage and packing) made out to Andy Munro and send to 11 Orchard Way, Hollywood, Birmingham B47 5NH.

Balti Curry Cookbook by Pat Chapman
Balti Curry Cookbook by Pat Chapman; the first Balti cookbook to burst onto the scene in the 1990s. Written by probably the foremost Curry expert and founder of the legendary 'Curry Club',it has a wide range of recipes.
100 Best Balti Curries
100 Best Balti Curries by Diane Lowe and Mike Davidson; a really authentic book with recipes gleaned direct from named restaurants and their chefs in the Balti Triangle area. They include some real classics from the height of the Birmingham Balti boom such as Kirran's Fish Starter handed down through generations.
Balti Britain by Ziauddin Sardar
Balti Britain by Ziauddin Sardar; more cultural than cuisine based - an entertaining take on the British Asian experience but sadly flawed in its references to Balti.
Curry by Lizzie Collingham; an excellent reference book on the history of curry with the bonus of some interesting recipes.

Eating For Britain by Simon Majumdar - his enthusiasm for the food - and its producers - is infectious. Highlights the best of Britain in culinary terms and quite correctly includes a chapter on Balti.
The Essential Street Balti Guide by Andy Munro The Essential Street Balti Guide by Andy Munro; a slightly irreverent take on the Birmingham balti scene at its height of popularity.
Note: Some of the above are out of print and may only be available second hand.