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Lots on offer!

As you would expect in an area like the Balti Triangle in addition to the restaurants, there is a great food offering ranging from sweet centres like the Royal on Ladypool Road or Mustaqs on the Stratford Road to greengrocers and spice shops.

Try Raja Brothers, the oldest business on the Ladypool Road, spanning four generations and stocking an amazing 15,000 lines of exotic foodstuffs. A visit is a virtual culinary trip around the world and spices can be bought at less than half the price of High Street Supermarkets.

The area also has a number of Sweet Centres who make some wonderful sweets on the premises - try the Royal Sweet Centre Ladypool Road which both offer a vast range.

Cook your own Balti

Cooking This recipe is for a slightly hotter and drier balti. Cook desi (home) style as follows: - Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil and add two chopped tomatoes, a sprinkling of fresh coriander and a tablespoon of water. When tomatoes are translucent add diced fresh chicken breast, two small green chillies, a teaspoon of garam masala and a dessert spoon of ginger and garlic puree. Add a pinch of fenugreek and paprika and further water as required until chicken is cooked.

Other things to do

Whilst visiting, don't forget the eclectic shopping offer ranging from made to measure suits and saris to spectacular eastern jewellery.
Made to measureBangles

Exotic fruit and veg!

Listed below are some exotic fruit and veg which you can take home to cook, taste and enjoy.

Arabi Arabi – Use like a potato peel and boil
Chikkow Chikoo – Looks like a cross between an old potato and a kiwi fruit but don’t be fooled because this brown fruit is beautifully sweet when peeled!
Dates – Whilst they need no introduction there is a vast variety of dates from fresh to dried; for a change try boxed Iranian dates when available for real sweetness
Doodhi Duddi – Top and tail, peel, slice and fry. It has a sweetish taste and is good for making gravy. Rumoured to be excellent for circulatory problems
Kerala Karela – Looks a bit like a ‘dodgy’ courgette but deseed, top and tail and boil. Whilst it is slightly bitter it is excellent stuffed with onions, peppers and potatoes or chicken mince similar to an English stuffed marrow
Mooli Mooli – Turnip like with a peppery taste - peel and boil when using as a vegetable or peel and use raw sliced in salads
Okra Okra – Also known as Bindi, steam and cook with potatoes, lightly seasoned with chilli, garlic and ginger
Red Carrot Pakistani Carrots – When in season, these carrots are red rather than orange and are very sweet and tasty when cooked