Shahi Nan Kabab

Shahi Nan Kabab

I recently paid a return visit to one of the Balti Triangle’s top exponents of a ‘proper’ balti, the Shahi Nan on Stratford Road.

Always offering excellent food and friendly service, if I had one grumble, it would be that following a refurbishment  a few years ago, dining in the restaurant was like having a meal under police interrogation or conversely eating in a hospital operating theatre such was the starkness of the lighting.

Well, following a recent makeover (décor not food thankfully) it’s been transformed. Yet the changes are simple – arty bulb style lamps and planks of wood (or floorboards?) lining the walls giving a mellow and cosy effect.

The menu has been restyled as Pakistani ‘street food’ which the Shahi Nan’s kebabs might well be although otherwise the menu seems pretty much the same. In fact, the guy next to me was devouring a plate of freshly cooked chips but maybe that’s what they’re eating on the streets of Lahore at the moment.

Still it doesn’t really matter, as the food is still top notch and the surroundings now match the quality. Street Food or Streetwise? In reality, it doesn’t really matter.

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