Endangered Species?

I recently accompanied acclaimed photographer and journo Dan Homer on a tour around the Balti Triangle and his article on the site ‘atlasobscura’ suggests the ‘real’ Balti is in a crisis. This is partly because of the Government’s continuing fantasy that there are lots of young people in the UK willing to graft in a hot kitchen enduring unsociable hours and wages that won’t buy a detached house and swimming pool. Until  the Government see sense on visas from Pakistan and Bangladesh for chefs then the crisis will keep growing.

Incidentally, bearing in mind that Birmingham is the acknowledged birthplace of Balti, it would be interesting to hear from restaurants that actually cook and serve up a Balti in same baltibowl. Answers on a postcard please from restaurants out there in Brum but I don’t think that I’ll need to stay in for a heavy postbag!

Inside Birmingham’s Disappearing Balti Cuisine

The Balti is cooked traditionally over scorching heat, which contributes to the speedy cooking process and allows for excess oil to burn off. Here, the Balti is cooked at Al Frash Balti House in Birmingham. IMAGE BY DANIEL STEPHEN HOMER

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