Pakistan … you’re just a small town in the Punjab!

Indian Spices used in Ashas

Indian Spices used in Ashas

House of Lords launch for Asian Curry Awards

Public nominations open

Asian & Oriental Chef Awards winners

The ‘prestigous’ Asian Catering Federation have just launched their Asian Curry Awards 2018  and have urged people to vote for their favourite curry restaurant or takeaway citing a plethora of countries who produce variations of the UKs favourite meal. These are listed as Bangladeshi, Burmese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese restaurants and takeaways. Can anybody spot the missing country although elsewhere there is a slight reference to the Punjab which does have some Pakistani as well as Indian heritage.

Racism? Surely not! Perhaps just a surprising omission as anybody who has read the fabulous Pakistani recipe book ‘Summers Under the Tamarind Tree’ would acknowledge, never mind our famous Pakistani Brummie dish ‘the Balti’!

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