Stepping back in time!

Abduls Café and Diner in Hall Greenabdul's, on the edge of the Balti Triangle is in fact a rein(curry)carnation of the much loved Saleems until recently operating on the Ladypool Road. It’s certainly a throwback with its basic décor, cold display cabinet and even the old skool metal water jugs for those who haven’t taken advantage of the BYO facility.

Free dips were enough sliced onions to make a grown man cry in a chilli sauce … simple but effective. This was accompanied by paid for poppadoms and then microwaved pakora and chicken tikka … reasonable but not exceptional.

My main was a meat ‘balti’ served up in a silver bowl and whilst the meat was flavoursome and tender, the dark (fenugreek infused?) sauce was too oily which was a shame and, in fairness, it didn’t stop me finishing it. My wife’s Korma was served up in a cereal bowl and oversweet and, in her view, lacking in depth whilst containing leg and thigh rather than breast.

The naan bread was decent as would be expected for a restaurant whose culinary roots stretch to, in many people’s opinion, the best katlamas in Brum. Will I return? Certainly to check out the katlamas but not sure about the ‘balti’!

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