Shortage of Curry Chef Debate Hots Up

Andy Street

Andy Street

With the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK claiming that every week, a couple of Curry Restaurants are closing down, the debate on addressing the shortage of curry chefs boiled up again (See Birmingham Mail 30 Oct 2017). The new West Midlands  Mayor, Andy Street, has called for more home grown youngsters to be trained to join the trade and for the wage threshold to be lowered allowing chefs in from overseas .

The Curry Pot in BirminghamOn the latter, he was spot on as the likelihood of a chef being paid £30k per annum in a typical suburban curry house is unrealistic … unless customers are willing to pay Michelin Star prices for their weekly curry fix. On the former, he’s probably being wildly optimistic because unless the restaurant is prestigious or high profile, the chances of a youngster wanting to work in a cramped hot kitchen are, one would think, very slim.


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