Best of the Balti

I’m often asked about my favourite places to go for a Balti in the Balti Triangle so here’s my current favourites and my reasons. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order so as not to upset any sensibilities!

AL FRASH, Ladypool Road

Al Frash has won a number of awards and favourite customers included the late Sir Terry Wogan. They do one of the best and freshest veg pakoras around and their baltis cooked in organic coconut oil are a real winner.

SHABABS, Ladypool Road

Another restaurant that has won a plethora of awards and can count the Hairy Bikers amongst their fans. Their piping hot baltis are  served up sizzling in jet black bowls, caramelised to a marvellous richness and perfection.

SHAHI NAN KEBAB, Stratford Road

On the hotter side, their baltis are superbly flavoursome whilst packing a decent punch – the chef used to be in the Pakistani Navy so he knows how to cook up a storm.

THE POPULAR, Ladypool Road

Recently refurbished, as its name suggests, this cosy restaurant is a popular local eaterie for those in the know. Tasty baltis with only fresh ingredients used whether meat or veg. However, a highlight are their sheekh kebabs which are of a size and potency which would make even Kim Jong envious!

2 Responses to Best of the Balti

  1. S 4th December 2017 at 2:26 am #

    Hi Andy, have you try priya indian restaurant in Moseley if not try them out. They make the BEST Balti ever.

  2. Robert Harwood 6th December 2017 at 9:01 am #

    Thanks for the tips Andy! We tried Shababs and loved it! We’re gonna give the Poplar a go next.

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