You say Bolti, I say Balti!

This week, Radio 5 (the Thinking Man’s Talk Radio?) featured a Bolton curry house who were marketing the ‘Bolti’ … supposedly their take on the Best Balti ever. In the interests of the BBC’s worldwide reputation on fairness, they invited a Balti Triangle restaurant to provide the Brummie perspective.


SAUCE: From left, Chef Anwar Hossein and manager Keith Meah, adding the special ingredient to their Bolti dish

Fair play to the Bolton restaurant (the Royal Balti House) for their creativity in the name and using a ‘secret’ ingredient ‘achari’ (pickling spices) to give it a distinctive taste.

Unfortunately, it transpired that the ‘Bolti’ was cooked up in a frying pan and transferred to a silver bowl for serving. This balti blasphemy was teased out by Zaf from Shabab who did our city’s favourite dish proud. In footballing parlance, definitely a case of Bolton 0 v 1 Birmingham!

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