Curry capital, … but only thanks to the Birmingham Mail!

Given the City’s usual poor showing in putting in a robust bid to become the ‘Capital of Curry’, it was good to see the local paper, at least, recognising the importance of the dish to the local populace. It certainly caught the imagination with over 10,000 votes!

Even better was the fact that the Balti Triangle, in the shape of ‘Shabab’ scooped the most prestigious award of ‘Best Curry House for Big Night Out’

Best Curry House for Big Night Out
1. Shabab (Balti Triangle)
2. Jeera (Castle Bromwich)
3. Jilali (Sheldon)

Best Local Curry House
1. Chutney Express (Shard End)
2. Shabab (Balti Triangle)

Best Takeaway
1. Lime Pickle (Castle Bromwich)
2. Chutney Express (Shard End)
3. Toby Indian (Castle Bromwich)

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