Balti Brexit?

EU-FlagAfter six years of trying it seems likely that the Birmingham Balti is going to join the Lincolnshire Sausage in being turned down by the Eurocrats, for Food Protected Status.

Andy, who has led a consortium of genuine balti restaurants said:

“We spent the first three years developing the application and steering it successfully through the UK process and objection period. However, since then we have been asked to provide further information on an almost continual basis by Brussels officials. Every time, we have responded satisfactorily, they’ve found something else to pick holes in.

In the final analysis, they don’t ‘get’ that balti is a method of cooking rather than a recipe albeit that every restaurant uses the same base ingredients then overlaying this with spices of their own choice. It’s a nonsense when you consider the Neapolitan Pizza has the mark when it’s just pizza dough, tomatoes, cheese and basil. It’s all a bit disappointing especially when the UK  government were happy with our application!”

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