True maharah cardamom beer

Beer seems to be the ‘new wine’ these days with talk of flavours, aromas etc etc but, in fairness, a proper ale has a lot going for it as an accompaniment to spicy food. Consequently, I was keen to see how the new ‘True Maharajah Cardamom Beer’ stood the test of ‘going for a balti’.

My days of drinking beer with a balti are more sporadic as I often find a robust red wine is a good match. However, I still like a decent beer and it so happens that Cardamom is one of my favourite spices.

Testing it out with a spicy Balti Chicken Jalfrizies, the beer certainly held its own. It’s edgy without being bitter and the Cardamom taste is distinctive but subtle. Light and lively on the palate, it was a refreshing drink without having the overpowering gassiness of lager. Definitely a welcome addition to the ‘beer with balti’ ranks. Brewed by Leicester based Modha Ales, it should soon be available in the Birmingham area.

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